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Keywords: geology

Pronunciation (IPA): ' 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: noxaj 
Forms: pufa, pufas 
Glosses: direction, sense, directed, arrow, address, sign, point, pointed, advise, suggest, advice, suggestion, advised 


The term 'pufa' is a highly abstract Old Common word (indeed, it was of the abstract gender) that refers to directionality.


As a noun, 'pufa' means something like 'direction' or 'sense' (in the specific, technical meaning or possessing directionality). A secondary meaning, possibly as a calque from Spanish, is 'address', as in a street address. The usual meaning, however, is to describe the quality of directionality that something possesses. It can also be used for an arrow or sign that directs you to go in a certain direction.

Metaphorically, it can also have the sense of 'advice' or 'suggestion'.


'Pufa' is a semitransitive noxaj verb with an absolutive subject which is the thing that has direction, and a dative indirect object which describes the direction. It can have the sense of going in a certain direction or being pointed in a certain direction. The happat causative form adds an ergative agent which is causing the absolutive object to have direction. In this sense it can metaphorically extend to the idea of advice or suggestion,


As a modifier, 'pufas' has the sens of directed, pointed or advised.

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