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Pronunciation (IPA): 'ka.waŋ.ge.ul 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: kawankeul, kawankeulys, kawankeulysyn 
Glosses: alternative, alternating, alternate, alternation 


The compound term 'kawankeul' is derived from 'kawan', 'twin, two (of something)' and 'keul', 'turn, change'. Despite the derivation, it doesn't have to be restricted to alternation between two things.


As a noun, 'kawankeul' means an alternative. It can also have the sense of 'alternation', which can be picked out more precisely with 'kawankeulysyn'.


The verbal form of 'kawankeul' is an intransitive pali verb meaning to alternate. The states being alternated between can be specified with 'ekáwa'. The difference between kawankeul and just keul as a verb is that kawankeul has the sense of 'back and forth'.


The modifier form 'kawankeul' has the sense of 'alternative'.

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