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Keywords: social

Pronunciation (IPA): 'ag.zep 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: skurun 
Forms: aksep, aksepys, aksepkas 
Glosses: accept, acceptance, inclusion, acceptable, accepted, agree 


The term 'aksep' was borrowed from the English word 'accept', entering Common sometime during the middle period and overlapping with the native word 'selep', 'agree'.


As a verb, 'aksep' is a transitive skurun verb that takes an ergative accepter and an absolutive thing accepted, which could be anything from a person to a situation to a proposition. It has some overlap as well with 'selep', 'agree'.


As a noun, 'aksep' means acceptance in general, inclusion, or acceptance of something specific.


The modifier form 'aksepys' is used for the sense of 'aceptable',  or to say that someone or something is accepted in a genrral way, such as being accepted into a group. The form 'aksepkas' tends to be more specific, as in a point of acceptance, or an accepted fact.

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