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Keywords: medicine, disease

Pronunciation (IPA): 'pol.nə 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: polny, upólny, polnys, polnyca, polnyka, awkenpolny, polnysyn 
Glosses: sickness, disease, sick, unwell, sicken, vector, pathogen, patient, victim, epidemic, pandemic 


The term 'polny' is an Old Common root having to do with sickness and disease, especially communicable and/or acute disease. In technical, medical terms, 'polny' has the precise same medical definition as the word 'disease', which can be broader than the colloquial definition and include things like cancer that might normally be called 'etáj' in colloquial speech.


As a noun, 'polny' is a sickness or disease, or the generality of sickness and disease (the general sense can be made clear by saying 'polnysyn'). The derived form 'polnyka' is a sick person, a patient or a victim of disease. The derived form 'polnyca' is based on the causative verb form and usually refers to a vector or a pathogen.

The compound 'awkenpolny' can refer to an epidemic or a pandemic, with the sense of 'pandemic' clarified if necessary with the modifier 'onpas'.


As a verb, 'polny' is an intransitive pali verb which takes an absolutive entity which is sick, and means to be sick. The derived form 'upólny' means to sicken, to get sick.

The causative skurun form is very commonly used and adds an ergative source of the illness, which could be a vector or a pathogen, for example.


the modifier form 'polnys' means 'sick'.

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