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Keywords: philosophy, food, diet

Pronunciation (IPA): 'uð.re.slek 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: uzreslek, uzreslekfisa, uzreslekca, uzreslekys 
Glosses: vegetarianism, vegetarian, vegan 


The term 'uzreslek' is a compound of 'uzre', 'green', which can also be a word for 'vegetable', and 'slek', 'eat'. The 'uzre' part is a double-entendre, because in modern NWO politics, 'green' continues to be a word for a political position focused on protecting the environment, which is a very licit political opinion in the Order.


The word 'uzreslek' alone means 'vegetarianism', and it can also mean 'vegetarian'. The sense of the belief system that is against eating meat can be disambiguated with 'uzreslekfisa' and the sense of a person who is vegetarian can be conveyed more clearly with 'uzreslekca', but the unadorned compound can mean either on its own.

To convery the idea of what we would call 'vegan' in English, abstaining from all animal products of any kind, would be conveyed by adding either the modifier 'cajre', 'exact', or 'zra', 'good', both conveying the idea that you are a strict vegetarian, i.e., vegan.


As a verb, 'uzreslek' is an instransitive pali verb meaning to be vegetarian.


The modifier form 'uzreslekys' means 'vegetarian'.

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