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Keywords: emotion

Pronunciation (IPA): trat͡ʃ 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: trac, tracys 
Glosses: tragedy, tragic, sadden 


The term 'trac' comes from the English word 'tragedy' and seems to be a middle period borrowing. It had a number of common forms until is was codified early in the modern period. It also means 'tragedy' in Common.


As a noun, 'trac' means 'tragedy'. It can refer to the artistic trope or to a terrible, sad situation.


'Trac' is not often used as a verb, but when it is it is a severe and dramatic way to say 'sadden'. It is a skurun verb taking an ergative subject which is the cause of the sadness and an absolutive subject which is the thing saddened. The antipassive form means 'to be a tragedy'.


The modifier form 'tracys' means 'tragic'.

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