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Keywords: discourse

Pronunciation (IPA): 'raf.fa 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: happat 
Forms: raffa, raffaca, raffas 
Glosses: challenge, challenging, challenged, difficulty, concern, issue 


The term 'raffa' refers to challenge.


As a verb, 'raffa' is a ditransitive happat verb with an ergative challenger, an absolutive one challenged, and a dative challenge. It can be used as a distintentive skurun verb, in which case the absolutive object has an ambiguous meaning where it can be the challenge or the person challanged. If the latter, the challenge can be added periphrastically introduced with u.


As a noun, 'raffa' means a challenge. It can also be used as a word for difficulty, concern or issue. Rafaca is a challenger.


The modifier form 'raffas' means both challenging and challenged.

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