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Keywords: humour

Pronunciation (IPA): 'tri.vÉ™ 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: noxaj 
Forms: trify, trifys, trifysyn, trifyka 
Glosses: joke, comic, comedy, comical, comedian, funny 


The term 'trif' at base means a joke, either something funny or something not to be taken seriously. It looks like it might be related to 'trivial', but it is actually attested right form Old Common.


As a noun, 'trify' means a joke. The derived form 'trifysyn' can mean 'comedy', and and 'trifyka' can means a comedian.


As a verb, 'trify' is a semitransitive noxaj verb meaning to joke, with an absolutive joker and a dative joke or audience. In its benefactive happat form, the joke is the absolutive direct object and the audience is the dative indirect object.


The modifier form 'trifys' can mean comical or funny and can frequently be pejorative.

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