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Keywords: mathematics

Pronunciation (IPA): t͡ʃep 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: noxaj 
Forms: cep, cepys, cepysyn 
Glosses: add, sum, addition, additional, other 


The term 'cep' refers to addition.


As a verb, 'cep' is a semitransitive noxaj verb with an absolutive focus being added and a dative thing being added to. It can be used in a disintentive form where a single subject can be stated to be added without stating what it is aded to, or a series of absolutive subjects joined with 'epis' can be stated, which means that they are added together without emphasising any one in particular. A skurun causative can also be formed where an ergative agent  performing the addition can be added.

This action can refer to mathematical adding, or physical addition of one thing to another.


As a noun, 'cep' means 'sum' or 'addition'. The sense of 'addition' can be clarified with 'cepysyn'.


The modifier form 'cepys' means 'additional' or 'other'

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