Classical Gluonic Lexeme


Keywords: commerce

Pronunciation (IPA): ' 
Part of Speech: noun 
Forms: zurreo, zurrevo, zuurreuu, zurreko, zurrekwo, zurrekuu, zirrehe, zirreve, ziirrehii, zirreke, zirrekwe, zirrekii, zyrrey, zyrrevy, zyyrreaa, zyrreky, zyrrekwy, zyyrrekaa, 
Glosses: value, worth 


The noun "zure" refers to worth or value, specifically true worth as opposed to price, although it can be used in a commercial sense as well. It requires the ABSTRACT classifier and animate agreement.

It can be incorporated with the verb "pha" to form the intransitive verb "phazure," "to have value, to matter," taking an optional applicative which is an expression of value.

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