Classical Gluonic Lexeme


Keywords: classifiers, counting

Pronunciation (IPA): liːŋ 
Part of Speech: classifier 
Forms: luuqo, luuqvo, luuquu, luuqko, luuqkwo, luuqkuu, liiqe, liiqve, liiqii, liiqke, liiqkwe, liiqkii, lyyqy, lyyqvy, lyyqaa, lyyqky, lyyqkwy, lyyqkaa 
Glosses: ANIMAL 


The classifier used for animals which are not being anthropomorphised, beasts in general. Usually applies to large animals perceived as acting as individuals. It is ambiguous whether animate or inanimate agreement is required, both might be accepted depending on the degree of agency the animal is being considered to possess in the point under consideration.

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