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Na Onpafisas Affe Lawt - The Globalist Manifesto

Keywords: politics, globalism, new world order

This article is an excerpt of the first section of the Globalist Manifesto (na Onpafisas Affe Lawt in Common). It is from the official Common-language version that forms part of the Global Charter and is legally binding for questions of ideological compliance within the New World Order.

The original version was written in English by American/Cascadian political philosopher Sandra Gutiérrez in 2026, with the aid of online collaborators from around the world. It was originally written for the California Globalist Association, but was quickly adopted by Globalist organisations around the world as a clear explanation of Globalist beliefs.

The first official Common-language version endorsed by the New World Order was created in 2044 by David Chang's AXZ team on the orders of the Seattle Conference. Today, the Common version is the only official version, and the officially-enshrined version has undergone a number of minor revisions. However, structurally and in terms of the arguments it makes, it is still very clearly descended from Gutiérrez's Manifesto.

In comparing the Manifesto to Gutiérrez's Antioch Lecture (attached), you can see the greatest contrast is that while Gutiérrez left the need to exclude non-globalists from public life implied in her talk, the Manifesto states it very directly. Gutiérrez's original English-language Manifesto did not state this idea quite as adamantly, but was also clear and explicit about the implication that Globalism meant that the influence of non-Globalists had to be sharply curtailed, because in the Globalist view, Globalism was essential for human survival, and human survival couldn't be put on hold for an electoral cycle. But early Globalists like Gutiérrez were more open to ideological diversity within the framework of Globalist principles - for example, they viewed socialism versus capitalism to be a legitimate political argument within Globalism.

The first section of the Manifesto, presented here, lays out a succinct case for Globalism that later sections expand upon.

Na Onpafisas Affe Lawt

Na Ates Hiet - na Pali na Onpafisa

A atenys Onpa xu wez te speos arte tene faj can xeppe, hanja a spet yn nox hufep ija ejálys etríjusyn u sin ti mawa. Jaz kiles Onpafisaka hanne cet a spet Affe Lawt u sin hyp tol ija awke atuinot a kaje na exúlyn, itin wez nox riske til a spet lawt speos u sin wez si jal e na ate zra kaje. Itin a spet Affe Lawt se an na efo zra happat na atuinysyn, hanja ceo na Hyl na Lufis Sufetysyn na Onpa az awken su ija affe trit si ehóro te riske xi jaz te rowétera a lis na spet Lawt.

Jez te riske aksep ar net ikujókyn re na exúlyn na atuinot.

A kalla se an ikujók. Xut a atuinot si jal kit, se rohúltas riske kalla.

A rowés naz onpas naturhilin se an ikujók. Yr cul naxys wekja si ikky karo sin te raxu ro na enfiro e na hus cel sun jaz kepes wekja se arte.

A lekep na atuinot se an ikujók. Xut wez si kalla ceo naz speos awan, ruz naz karios awan, we se riske lekep. Xut jez ti jal lekep az naturhilin na onpa xu a atuinys exúlyn te ejál, we se lekep. A atuinysyn su se an se motus let.

E nar spot ikujókyn se an y xafe wero: A naxys trit. Ja trit naz naxys sifysyn te wero a Trac na Xafen xu a enfiro te lekep, hanja ja naxys trit te wero si az naxys sifisyn se rohúltas riske kalla.

A sajnno ate kaje se an ulát na spet rawk. Jez te riske ostak a naxys trit. Jez te riske aten a onpa epáli ny cajno ate onpas trit. Hanja jaz awken su ija affe trit nux ehóro te awke riske rowétera a lawt na Onpafisa. Jez te riske pirap lat yz awken xu te ikky rowétera. Ja wes epis ja lekep na Myrikas onpas sufetysyn hanne tol ixi yr ikky kawankeul su a naxys sifysyn te aspe se ikky an.

A spet yn se an na trop na Onpafisa. Xut jez ti rowétera a spet lawt, a atuinot se perat aspe.


a 'a.den.əs ' ʃu weθ te 'spe.os ' ' faj t͡ʃan 'ʃ, 'haɲja a spet ən noʃ 'hu.vep 'i.ja e'jal.əs e'tri.ju.zən u sin ti 'ma.wa. jaθ 'ki.les ' ' t͡ʃet a spet 'af.fe lawt u sin həp tol 'i.ja ' ' a ' na e'ʒu.lən, 'i.din weθ noʃ ' til a spet lawt 'spe.os u sin weθ si jal e na ' θra ' 'i.din a spet 'af.fe lawt se an na 'e.vo θra 'hap.pat na 'əz.ən, 'haɲ.ja t͡ʃeo na həl na 'lu.vis 'su.ved.əz.ən na ' aθ 'aw.gen su 'i.ja 'af.fe trit si e'ç te 'ris ke ʃi jaθ te ro' a lis na spet lawt.

jez te ' 'ag.zep ar net ig.u'jog.ən re na e'ʒul.ən na '

a ' se an ig.u'jok. xut a ' si jal kit, se ro'xul.das ' '

a ro'wes naθ 'om.bas 'na.dur.hi.lin se an ig.u'jok. ər t͡ʃul 'naʒ.əs 'weg.ja si 'ik.kə ' sin te 'ra.ʒu ro na ' e na hus t͡ʃel sun jaθ 'ke.bes 'weg.ja se '

a le.gep na ' se an ig.u'jok. ʃut weθ si ' t͡ʃeo naθ 'spe.os 'a.wan, ruθ naθ 'ka.ri.os 'a.wan, we se ' 'le.gep. ʃut jeθ ti jal 'le.gep aθ 'na.dur.hi.lin na ' ʃu a 'əs e'ʒul.ən te e'jal, we se 'le.gep. a 'əz.ən su se an se 'mo.dus let.

e nar spot ig.u'jo.gən se an ə 'ʃ ' a 'naʒ.əs trit. ja trit naθ 'naʒ.əs 'siv.əz.ən te ' a trat͡ʃ na 'ʃa.ven ʃu a ' te 'le.gep, 'haɲja ja 'naʒ.əs trit te ' si aθ 'naʒ.əs 'siv.əz.ən se ro'xul.das ' '

a ' ' ' se an u'lat na spet rawk. jeθ te ' 'os.tak a 'naʒ.əs trit. jeθ te ' 'a.den a ' e' nə 't͡ʃ ' 'om.bas trit. 'haɲja jaθ 'aw.gen su 'i.ja 'af.fe trit nuʃ e'ç te ' ' ro' a lawt na ' jeθ te ' 'pi.rap lat əθ 'aw.gen ʃu te 'ik.kə ro' ja wes é.bis ja 'le.gep na 'mə.ri.gas 'om.bas 'su.ved.əz.ən ' tol 'i.ʒi ər 'ik.kə 'ka.waŋ.ge.ul su a 'na.ʒəs 'siv.əz.ən te ' se 'ik.kə an.

a spet ən se an na trop na ' ʃut jeθ ti ro' a spet lawt, a ' se 'pe.rat '

Literal English Translation - The Globalist Public Word

This translaiton isn't literally word-for-word, because that would be unreadable, but tries to capture something of the flavour of the original.

The First Tranche - the Stand of the Globalism

The united globe that we today profit from has been very hard won and needs constant vigilance so that would protect. The past Globalists have written this Public Word so that would show to all humankind the way of survival, therefore we must study this word today so that we would stay on the good way. Therefore this Public Word is the most good gift of humanity and through the Law of the New Order of the Globe all that to public rule would participate are obliged that they fulfil the meaning of this Word.

We must accept the three inevitabilities about the survival of the humankind.

The war is inevitable. If the humankind would stay divided, inevitably must wage war.

The collapse of the global nature-systems is inevitable. Some zero national countries would not stop of that take from the environment at the same hour that the opposite countries profit.

The destruction of the humankind is inevitable. If we would wage war through the today arms, worthily the nuclear weapons, we must be destroyed. If we would stay destroy the nature-systems of the globe that the human life sustain, we are destroyed. The humanity that exists is footly dead.

At those inevitabilities is the common make: The national rule. The rule of the national states makes the Tragedy of the Common Thing that destroys the environment and the national rule makes that the national states eventually must wage war.

The only one way exists out of this fence. We must erase the national rule. We must unite the world under a just one global rule. And all that to the public rule participate must completely fulfill the word of the Globalism. We must shut out all that do not comply. The failure and the destruction of the American global order shows that no alternative that the national state saves doesn't exist.

This is the heart of Globalism. If we would fulfil this word, the humankind can be safe.

Fluent English Translation

This is a better translation into good, idiomatic English. There is no such modern. official translation - this is simply my best effort that hopefully conveys how the Common comes across to a fluent Common speaker.

Section One - The Base of Globalism

The unified world that we enjoy today has been very hard-won, and constant vigilance is required to maintain it. The Globalist visionaries of the past wrote this Manifesto in order to show humanity the path to survival, and we continue to honour it today in order to stay on that path. For this reason, the Manifesto is humanity's greatest gift, and by New World Order law, everyone who participates in public life must adhere to the principles of the Manifesto.

Three inevitabilities about the survival of humanity must be accepted.

The inevitability of war. If humanity remains divided, countries must inevitably go to war.

The inevitability of environmental catastrophe. No country will unilaterally stop reaping the benefits of destroying the global environment while other countries continue to profit.

The inevitability of the destruction of humanity. If we go to war with the weapons we have today, particularly nuclear weapons, humanity will be ruined. If we continue to destroy the world's natural systems that sustain human life, we will be ruined. Humanity as we know it is essentially a dead man walking.

These inevitabilities stem from a common cause: national sovereignty. National sovereignty is responsible for the Tragedy of the Commons that is destroying our global environment, and national sovereignty ensures that the nation-states of the old order must eventually go to war with each other.

There is only one way out of this trap. We have to extinguish the concept of national sovereignty. We must unite the planet under a single, global sovereign government. And everyone who participates in public life must be compliant and faithful to Globalist belief. Anyone who doesn't comply must be excluded. The failure and ruin of the American global order has shown that a system comprised of nation-states cannot offer any viable alternative.

This is the heart of Globalism. If we follow this, we can ensure the survival of humanity.


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